Analyst Challenge

As a growing business on the forefront of cyber security, we constantly receive CV's from a diverse range of candidates for our Security Analyst positions. To help identify the "best in show" we have devised a simple challenge.

Below is some ciphertext which has been encrypted using a weak algorithm. Your challenge is to decrpyt the message and extract the hidden password.
Once you know the password, submit it to receive your unique reference number to be passed to your recruiter, or in your direct application.
To help you complete this, you can submit any test string to view its ciphertext equivalent. Good luck, and we hope to see you soon!

Ciphertext: 551D421C27192F666019582E33585D5862666758332424332A46371724642E1C423C2A204C6621665E1233242A3C3B2B6B3723206D4637

Enter String:


Have you figured it out? Submit the password below to receive your unique reference.