• Highly reliable, highly qualified threat intelligence
    How it works


How It Works

Actionable, accountable and reliable cyber threat intelligence

Over 100,000 indicators of compromise

Intelligence is sourced from hacker forum infiltrations, deep web/dark web/tor mining, malware analysis and more.

Every piece of intelligence is reviewed by a Zepko analyst before being deployed. Each piece of intelligence is given a "risk" and "reliability" rating to match intelligence to a client's appetite for risk.

Each piece of intelligence has a "time-to-live" value to remain relevant and prevent false positives.

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  • Honeypots deployed across 7 continents
  • Malware analysis, quarantine and removal
  • Cyber threat research facility - high quality, relevant, reliable data
  • Constant visibility - faster response times keep you safe
  • Over 100,000 indicators of compromise

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