• End to end incident management and response
    How it works


How It Works

End to end incident management and response

12x5 and 24x7 vigilance

From our ten years of working closely with global businesses, we have honed and developed our ability to effectively control and monitor access to sensitive information. Our security experts deploy and manage a wide range of technology to effectively protect our network and systems from a multitude of threats.

We run a comprehensive development and testing environment to allow our team to review, learn and test next generation technologies in realistic simulated environments. This also allows our development team to build cutting edge next generation security software by running workloads for a wide range of networks.

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  • Real-time incident management - collection, correlation, triage, investigation, remediation and reporting
  • Delivered by trained, accredited (ISO27001) and vetted staff
  • End to end platform and services management
  • Integrated workflow with your organisation
  • 12x5 and 24x7 vigilance

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