The approach

Step #1:
Service implementation prep

Our tried and tested implementation methodology enables rapid deployment of our service whilst mitigating project risks.

Leverage our experience in delivering global security projects collaborating with multiple third parties.

Step #3:
Targeted alert use cases

By tailoring our extensive alert correlation rulesets, we reduce the noise from false positives and enhance detection rates of genuine cyber threats.

In addition, we deploy threat intelligence tripwires to detect external risks and threats to your organisation

Step #5:
Customised incident response plan

We tailor our mature incident detection and response processes to work effectively with your organisation and assigned third parties.

We support local and global security deployments engaged with numerous outsourced resolver teams.

Step #7:
Continued cyber due diligence

Achieving cyber due diligence doesn't stop once your SOC service is in operation. As best practice, we schedule regular reviews to ensure your service meets all existing and emerging security requirements as your business evolves.

Step #2:
Intergrate Log Feeds

We support log collection from on- premise network infrastructure, virtual infrastructure, security technologies and cloud systems.

We can also integrate with your custom applications by engaging our in-house development and integration team.

Step #4:
Security health check and threat reconnaissance

We perform a security health check and assist you in remediating existing security risks prior to going live.

  1. Detect existing risks and threats within your networks.
  2. Perform passive reconnaissance of previously leaked data and cyber risk exposure analysis.
  3. Present security posture report with actionable findings.

Step #6:
SOC go live!

Your SOC service helps you achieve cyber due diligence through:

  1. Real-time threat monitoring, incident triage and.
  2. 24x7x365 service delivered by UK cyber security.
  3. Cyber intelligence monitoring and passive reconnaissance helps you to stay protected ahead of an attack.
  4. Key Risk Indicator Report.