Founded in 2004 by longstanding security experts, Zepko was formed to help customers capitalise on the opportunities presented by Log Management solutions, excited by the prospect of being able to see a much wider view of the security estate.

We very quickly gained an enviable reputation in this field, and the business developed considerably in the decade that followed, part in conjunction with changes in technology, but largely fuelled by customer attitudes to the practice of security itself. We responded by expanding our expertise and giving our customers much sought after choice.

Results not tin

Whilst we continue to address discrete challenges through our On: Project Security services, the lion's share of our work is outcome driven security provision. More and more of our customers no longer want the burden of building and retaining complex security expertise, they just want to know that their security works and is appropriate for their business. Our Managed Services do just that.

Our approach is aimed squarely at organisations that are motivated by results and less about ownership of technology. As such, we believe we are one of the few security experts who genuinely bring clarity to a discipline forever shrouded in mystery.

Success breeds success

When our customers’ other IT suppliers started hearing of our successes it was only a matter of time before we were approached about the possibility of partnering.

Today we sell our services both directly to end-user customers and through a carefully chosen network of partners.

Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board is comprised of a select committee of senior industry professionals who review our products and services and contribute to our road map.

Our ethos is to ensure that our products and services tackle real world security problems faced by small or large organisations across sectors, whether it is meeting regulatory compliance or defending against targeted attacks.

If you are an experienced IT professional who would like to join our Advisory Board please see our Careers page.