Not all heroes wear capes

Imagine. Zero risks, zero vulnerabilities, and zero successful attacks.

Be the hero with CyberZero.
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TruTrust© delivers the ultimate results-driven cyber assurance across your IT environments.
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We're no heroes

Cyber Zero exists for IT leaders who carry the cybersecurity weight of entire organisations on their shoulders.

For those who know it only takes one breach to bring a business down, and for who winning the daily war against cyber alerts, risks, vulnerabilities, attacks and incidents seems an impossible dream.

Cyber Zero is for those who don’t have the luxury of a hefty budget or dedicated resource, but know that their reputation (and that of the company) is on the line regardless.

It’s an uphill battle. After all, when cybersecurity isn’t a thief of your time, it’s a thief of your data.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Cyber Zero is here to replace fear and anxiety with optimism and assurance. To consistently and effectively highlight your efforts and hold fast against your pains.

We define and implement a path to zero risks, zero vulnerabilities and zero successful attacks.

Cyber Zero’s innovative PAYAA model ensures you only pay when you are attacked, we’ve got your back 24/7.

After all, you’re the hero in this story – we’re just here to get you there.

Where to start

Cyber Incident Calculator Icon

Cyber Incident Calculator

It’s crucial that your level of security investments is balanced against potential risk. With a few simple details our Cyber Incident Calculator provides a clear estimate on the impact of a potential breach to help you make an informed assessment and secure the investment you need.

Cyber Incident Calculator
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A successful security strategy is one that’s built around the unique demands of your business. Not sure which solution is the best fit for you? Just input a few initial details and our SOC selector will point you in the right direction.

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Managed SOC services


Our entry-level offering, Essential SOC services help your business take the first steps to stronger security. Preventative tech, managed by an expert team, reinforces what you have today.


Our Professional SOC services take your security to the next level by identifying, investigating and quarantining threats both inside and outside your business.


A bespoke, premium service, our Enterprise level SOC offering delivers proactive cyber threat hunting, analysis, and remediation in real-time. It’s the ultimate in IT protection.

Expert services


A thorough assessment of your existing posture, SecureStart identifies gaps, flags issues, and provides best practice recommendations for how to improve.

Penetration testing

Penetration Testing challenges your perimeter’s defences by attempting to breach them using the same techniques as cybercriminals.

Breach & incident assessment

Call on us in a crisis to assess the situation, mitigate any impact on your business, and support a swift recovery.

Why choose us?

Depth of knowledge with over 18 years experience

Industry pedigree with more than 100 projects delivered successfully

Tailored processes align with how your IT functions work

24x7x365 UK Security Operations Centre with ISO 27001:2013 and CE+ accreditations

Powerful combination of automation, human intellect and Gartner-approved products

Our SC and Police NPPV3 cleared SOC analysts work as an extension of your team

Ultimate integration flexibility and future-proofing with Roll Out Roll In (RORI)

Bespoke and evolutionary Key Risk Indicator reporting – ‘Metrics that Matter’

Early warning systems mean we prevent ahead of impact

Our customer pledge

We’re confident in the services we provide, and we want you to be too. That’s why we offer the following pledge to every business considering onboarding us as their managed security service provider:


3-month pilot
free of charge

Put us to the test and let us run your 24×7 Security Operation Centre for free for the first 3 months. You can benchmark our performance against pre-agreed success criteria – and if you’re not convinced after the pilot, it won’t cost you a penny.


Lowest price

Our mission is to make high-quality, tailored managed security services affordable to the mid-market – and we stand by our word. If you find another provider who can offer a like-for-like SOC service for a lower cost, we will refund the difference.


No half

When you take part in our pilot you can expect the full Zepko service, not a trimmed down version. We’ll run a full 24×7 SOC operation, providing access to our specialist SOC team, process models and procedures, at the same level as our existing customers.