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Our mission

We exist to guide IT professionals away from the countless alerts and vulnerabilities that needlessly eat up their time, and towards a landscape of zero risks, zero cyber incidents and zero successful attacks. Through our tailored and affordable security services for organisations of all sizes, we replace fear, anxiety, distraction and lack of resource with confidence that resonates across a business. 

Technology advises, humans decide

Our strength lies in a potent blend of human and machine – combining advanced technology with human intellect to deliver the ultimate defence against security threats. From engineers and analysts, to consultants and threat hunters – our team of experts are crucial to everything that we do. Always watching, always innovating, always learning – we never stand still. This way, we stay one step ahead of threats, whilst evolving your security services as your business matures. 

The hero of our story (and yours)

Two decades of cybersecurity experience permeate our flexible portfolio of managed SOC solutions which can be adapted to suit any organisation’s specific needs. We’ve also developed our own technology stack, supporting increased agility in a rapidly changing security landscape. Our team of specialists combine their expertise in the pursuit of one key goal: to make IT leaders look good by providing 24×7 security that really works when you need it.  

Why choose us?

20 years’ experience

120+ projects delivered successfully

Innovative Pay As You Are Attacked (PAYAA) service options

UK Security Operations Centre open 24x7, 365 days a year

Gartner-identified, award-winning products

SOC analysts with SC and NPPV3 clearance working as an extension of your team

Ultimate integration flexibility and future-proofing with Roll Out Roll In (RORI)

Bespoke and evolutionary Key Risk Indicator reporting: ‘Metrics that Matter’

To become a Cyber Zero Hero and feel what it’s like to zero out cyber incidents every month

Our history


Company founded focused on Arcsight SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) technology


Focus on Enterprise sector winning global contract for BP


Developed into an international finance client base focus including Barclays Group, Investors, Wealth, Capital alongside Dutch, Russian and British finance houses


Devised and commercialised Z-SIEM – a lightweight implementation methodology for PS-driven project rollouts


Market expansion directly supporting numerous Gartner-identified SIEM vendors as go-to partner across European and Asian projects using Z-SIEM


Recognised as Intellitactics Western European Partner of the Year


Recruitment of NED, advisors to plan transition post market research and development


Appointment of Advisory Board of practicing IT leaders in mid-market for guidance and market research for an outcome-based security monitoring and incident response services


Business transformation to a SOC-driven MSSP for the mid-market


Investment year


Design and productisation of own IP and services portfolio – highly integrated


Identification of strategic reseller partner base


Appointment of TechData (Avnet) as distribution partner


Secured accreditation to international security management standard ISO27001


Launch of enhanced services portifolio and achieved NPPv3 and SC clearances for all SOC Analysts


Continued major service enhancements – SOC-in-a-BOX


COVID-19 – launch of home-based protection and monitoring service – HomeWatch: Guard


Services portfolio enhancements and brand development. Achieved Cyber Essentials+.


Launch of Cyber Zero service, built on innovative Pay As You Are Attacked model. 

The ultimate results-driven cyber assurance 

TruTrust© ensures true 24×7 protection that delivers unmatched threat detection and resolution, giving you unrelenting cyber assurance.

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We’re ready to join you wherever you are on your security journey – to help solve your challenges and provide peace of mind. Not sure where to start? Use our SOC Selector or Cyber Incident Calculator to identify your security needs and budget. Or simply get in touch with a security expert.

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