Managed Security Services

SOC in a BOX

Managed Security Operations Centre powered by Zepko gives you access to all the systems, skills, processes & people you need to help shield your business from harm around the clock and works in tandem with both your internal teams and all your Security vendors globally giving you unrivalled coverage and support wherever your systems reside in the world on-premise or in the cloud.

Business Challenges

The ability to invest to the levels required in the people, technology & training required to create an effective Security Operations Centre is limited to the lucky few.

In the vast majority of cases this opportunity to develop this kind of internal function is simply financially non-viable.

Undeniably though, the vast majority of organisations today either need or want access to specialised and highly qualified security skills in order to prevent and respond to any attacks on a 24x7 basis.

Given the advancing threat posed by cyber-attacks, both public and private organizations now have to take measures in order to protect their IT systems.

Up to date anti-virus systems and basic measures to prevent unauthorized people from breaking into their systems are no longer enough as cyber criminals become more sophisticated.

It's not only a question of your corporate protection anymore, but that of your home-working employees: there is private and confidential data to which non-authorized people from outside your company should not have access.

Therefore, whether you are large or small, public or private, considering the implementation of Security Operations Centre Services is a critical step to help protect against catastrophic data breaches.

On either a weekly or monthly basis we provide a data-driven report of the Key Risk Indicators across your estate.

These are presented in an easy-to-digest series of graphical summary dashboards.

Additionally, we continue to track and trace existing incidents in progress where strategic, longer term solutions may be required together with a wider-ranging collaboration of IT teams and stakeholders.

The report also shows where we have considered Threat Intelligence advisories and how they may impact your IT operation.

The KRI report will also detail all investigated security risks within their specific cyber classifications. 

The SOC team will walk you through these in plain English each week as a part of our customer success processes

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Summary of services

SOC in a Box - Essential

  • LogSecure
  • Global Threat Intelligence
  • Security Assurance
  • Security Operations Center

SOC in a BOX - Premium

  • LogSecure
  • Global Threat Intelligence
  • Security Assurance
  • Security Operations Center
  • Managed Enterprise Detection and Response (MDR/EDR)

HomeWatch: Guard

  • LogSecure
  • Cloud Access Security Broker
  • Security Operations Center
  • Global Threat Intelligence
  • DLP - Data Loss Prevention

SOC in a Box - Basic

  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention
  • Vulnerability Management

Security Engineer

End to end responsibility for your architecture and platform roll-out, health and management to ensure maximum availability

Threat Intelligence Specialist

Using our Cyber threat research facility and accessing over 100,000 indicators of compromise containing high quality, relevant and reliable data, the TIS is externally focused  focused on inbound malware analysis, quarantine and removal

The largest virtual team comprising of:

Virtual Team

Threat Hunter

Using the latest EDR and MDR technology integrated into i3  our Threat Hunters proactively hunt down and contain internal lateral movement of active and emerging threats

Security Architect

Highly-skilled with experience gained from working with major SIEM vendors. Responsibility lies with delivering integrated service components for maximum speed to resolution ”find to fix”

Possesses a macro and micro mindset when utilising Threat Intelligence awareness of what can impact customers

Security Assurance Consultant

Provides the best practice security guidance for IT projects as a part of your evolutionary journey  right advice at the right time that incorporates quarterly cyber-security briefings and maturity reviews.

Hold overall responsibility for security policy and process creation and maintenance

Security Delivery Manager

Leads both technical and operational co-ordination and launch of breach and crisis management resources collaboratively leading up-to 15+ client-side teams as a virtual resolver group

Security Analyst

Real-time incident management – collection, correlation, triage, investigation, remediation and reporting, delivered by our trained, accredited (ISO27001) and vetted (NPPV3 and SC cleared) staff


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