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Business need

There are several reasons organisations struggle to achieve the right balance between IT security spend and adequate protection. One cause the temptation to buy more products, or the ‘fog of more’. With so many security products available, companies are quick to opt for new measures without scrutinising the true need or value of the technology or how it integrates and co-operates with the current or future operating model and security function. More isn’t always better – and often technologies overlap in functions, leading to unnecessary cyber security costs.

On top of that, if in-house security operations teams aren’t equipped with the skills to get the best out of each security tool, organisations are unable to maximise on their investments. Protections can’t be fully effective unless they are properly monitored and managed in concert – but doing this requires expensive, skilled and hard to recruit personnel.

People costs can mount up, too, particularly as different specialists are often required to manage specific technologies or perform different roles in the orchestration of your defences. When security needs to be managed around the clock, keeping on top of staff turnover, absence, recruitment and training can all be a hit to the bottom line and generally speaking is often a non-core activity for the business.

How we help

Rather than investing in a specialist team and creating a new facility from scratch, take advantage of our ready-made managed security services.

Our highly accredited SOC team keep their knowledge up to date, so you can be sure of the most up-to-date expertise at no additional training cost to you.

The service technologies we select for your business are perfectly assembled as a collection of defensive measures and operational results based on an understanding of risk versus budget.

We explain complex security threats and solutions in language that makes sense to you and your business – so you truly understand the role and value of your protection strategy.

Benefit from economies of scale by utilising seasoned experts, world-class processes, field-tested governance and proven technologies.

We can interrogate your IT security spend – building a complete inventory of your tools, technologies, license renewals and staff costs, and demonstrating areas where you can save.

As your business grows in maturity, have the option to Roll Out Roll In technologies ensuring that your protections and cyber security costs stay matched to your needs and budget.

From detection and solution, through to mitigation and forward learning – we’re on hand at every stage. We never shirk our responsibilities.


Efficient provisioning – the right tools for the job.

Maximise investments – experts help get the most from your security tools.

Flexible security – Roll Out Roll In SOC services as your business matures.

Optimise staff usage – our SOC team take the load.

Remove training costs – a dedicated team equipped with the latest knowledge.

Our universe of SOC solutions

Our Managed Services align you with a world-class security operations centre (SOC) solutions tailored to your business and budget. Both tech and team work in tandem to solve security challenges, combining intelligent analysis with vigilance and real-time remediation. Proud to deliver affordable, enterprise-grade solutions, we have a SOC for everyone.

Following an initial assessment of your IT environment, needs and budget we define a suite of bespoke SOC offerings that includes the right balance, number, and combination of solutions to meet your business objectives.


2 protections


3 protections


4 protections


5 protections


6 protections


Our entry-level offering, Essential SOC services help your business take the first steps to stronger security. Preventative tech, managed by an expert team, reinforces what you have today.

Essential SOCs


Our Professional SOC services take your security to the next level by identifying, investigating and quarantining threats both inside and outside your business.

Professional SOCs


A bespoke, premium service, our Enterprise level SOC offering delivers proactive cyber threat hunting, analysis, and remediation in real-time. It’s the ultimate in IT protection.

Enterprise SOCs

The SOC to fit your need and budget

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits all approach to security, which is why we offer a wide range of SOC solutions, each tailored to specific business needs and categorised into three options depending on your projected security spend. If you’re looking to reduce security costs, we recommend exploring these options:

Essential: Mars

vm, siem

Monthly charge: £3,439


  • All software licenses and upgrades for Vulnerability Management and Security Information and Event Management
  • Award winning technology
  • Proactive defence
  • Reactive defence: incident response playbooks


  • Reduce security costs
  • Protect against unauthorised change

Professional: Saturn

dlp, vm, siem, ar

Monthly charge: £5,534


  • All software licenses and upgrades for Security Information and Event Management, Vulnerability Management, Data Loss Prevention and Anti-ransomware
  • 5 award-winning technologies
  • Proactive defence
  • Reactive defence: automated
  • Reactive defence: incident response playbooks


  • Reduce security costs
  • Achieve regulatory compliance
  • Prevent data loss
  • Protect against policy violations

Enterprise: Neptune

dlp, vm, siem, mdr, ar, ids

Monthly charge: £12,934


  • All software licenses and upgrades for Vulnerability Management, Data Loss Prevention, Managed Detection and Response, Security Information and Event Management, Anti Ransomware and Intrusion Detection System
  • 7 award winning technologies
  • Proactive defence
  • Reactive defence: automated
  • Reactive defence: incident response playbooks


  • Reduce security costs
  • Improve cyber resilience
  • Protect your ecommerce business
  • Defend against insider threats

What could a breach cost your business?

Our Cyber Incident Calculator is designed to help you understand the financial implications of a breach for your business and support a business justification for your security investment.

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Rail Operator defends against a ransomware attack

37 %

organisations hit by ransomware in 2021

58 %

companies paid the ransom

£1.3 m

average remediation cost

21 %

average amount of IT budget spent on security

100 %

customers protected with sub-second automated defence

Tony opens an email attachment from a known client; unfortunately his client’s laptop has been compromised and he opens a document infected with ransomware.

The ransomware starts to encrypt his shared folders, but in a sub-second response his desktop is quarantined by our anti-ransomware system which alerts the SOC team in real-time.

The SOC team notified the client’s IT team and commence incident response processes, using their SIEM they performed root cause analysis which identified the entry method of the malware (via email). The SOC obtained a copy of the malware for analysis in their malware labs, they detonated the malware safely to study its behaviour and identify its spreading mechanism to find it was wormable (able to spread across the network on open ports to vulnerable systems). The SOC also investigated the IPS alarms to identify any call backs to command and control servers.

Armed with this knowledge the SOC guided the IT Team during the recovery process to ensure the malware was not persistent and did not reinfect the systems after recovery or reattempt encryption.

37% organisations reported a ransomware attack in 2021

Average remediation cost in 2021 was £1.36M

One in 6 of those attacked was hit with a ransom and 58% paid up.

The average firm now devotes 21% of its IT budget to cyber security – a jump of 63%

100% customers protected with sub second automated defence