Only pay as you are attacked

Say goodbye to unnecessary costs

Introducing an innovative SOC service

Cyber Zero

Our pay-as-you-are-attacked (PAYAA) model puts you in control. Choose your level of support, change plans with ease and pay only for the protection you truly require, ensuring your security always aligns with your business needs.

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As a trusted Cornerstone partner, Zepko has consistently demonstrated their commitment to excellence, adaptability, and flexibility.

Our collaboration with Zepko began more than half a decade ago, and it has been a journey marked by mutual respect and shared goals. Their unwavering support has been instrumental in our success.

Zepko is more than a vendor; they are an extension of my team. Their dedication, expertise, and genuine care for our success make them an outstanding partner. We look forward to many more years of fruitful collaboration. Thank you, Zepko, for being an integral part of our journey!

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Rob Lever, Senior IT Operations Manager,

Cornerstone PLC

Stop overpaying for your cybersecurity

Only ever pay for attacks that happen.

Zero-out every incident every month

Service assurance that zeroes-out all incidents each month plus additional expert analysis to eliminate 100’s of false positive alerts.

Your security, your rules

Choose from three services models – ‘Done For You’, ‘Done With You’, or ‘You Do It’ – with the flexibility to change plans on 30 days’ notice.

Simplified executive approval

Our transparent ‘pay by the attack’ billing offers clear cost benefits that simplify executive approval.

On-demand bonus services

Anti-ransomware, Data Loss Prevention, Managed Detection and Response and Vulnerability Management services are included as standard to strengthen your resistance to attack.

Living library of information assets

Benefit from a library of personalised and regularly updated governance-based documents provided to keep every stakeholder informed.

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Take back control of the security of your IT environment

You’ll only be paying for the attacks that happen while achieving a 
zero-incident environment with 24x7x365 cyber expertise.

Sleep well as your IT operation thrives

Be the cyber hero your business needs with our unmatched 
Cyber Zero approach.

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“Simply put, Cyber Zero is the most cost-efficient SOC service that exists in today’s market”


Cyber Zero is a unique pay-as-you-are-attacked model, so that you only pay for attacks that affect you. We will install a series of cyber systems and processes to support the model while zero-ing out all cyber incidents each month. You have the choice of selecting your preferred starting operational model – ‘Done For You’, ‘Done With You’ or ‘You Do It’. Each Cyber Zero service is complete with a set of living digital assets – providing the proof of what we are achieving for you every month.

We provide a straightforward 4-step process that covers all aspects of what we do and install guidelines. This information will be shared with you in detail on a brief call and highlights the various information inputs we require from you to complete a successful implementation. This amounts to approximately 3-4 days.

An alert is a cyber technology producing a singular log event that it has witnessed something it believes to be of concern. An incident takes a wider context and correlates (or aggregates) that singular alert with a number of other log sources in order to create a wider context-based picture of what actually has happened.

You will see an improvement in the state of your overall cyber security maturity in less than 30 days and the production of the initial Key Risks and Remediations Report.

The bonus services are a series of cyber technology services which demonstrate our commitment to you by continually adding to and improving the strength of your cyber defences so that you become more resistant to cyber attack.

Not a problem. We can provide a PreZero CyberDNA report upon request that will forensically show how many incidents were triggered across either a 30, 60 or 90 day engagement that will show you this information.

The beauty of Cyber Zero is it can work with companies of all sizes. Often with smaller organisations we find budgets are low while the expectations to protect the company assets from attack are high, so Cyber Zero is a perfect fit given its cost-optimisation model.

Zero-out simply means for a fixed-fee we work through each cyber incident until it is fully resolved and remediated, regardless of whether this takes us 1 day, 1 week or 1 month.