Only pay as you are attacked

Enter a new era of PAYAA protection and say goodbye to unnecessary costs. 
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What do you get?

Stop overpaying for your cybersecurity

Replace your legacy SOC service with a new logically enhanced PAYAA model, ensuring you only ever pay for attacks that happen.

Zero incidents per month

Continuous protection against cyber threats with the assurance of a service that zeroes out all incidents every month. Additional expert analysis zeroes out 100’s of alerts per week confirmed as false positives (non-incidents) and of no risk to your business.

Your security, your rules

Choose from three flexible service models – ‘Done For You,’ ‘Done With You,’ or ‘You Do It,’ – with the freedom to change your plan with 30 days notice, ensuring a perfect fit for your evolving needs

Simplified executive approval

The PAYAA model, featuring transparent ‘pay by the attack’ billing, ensures clarity, cost-efficiency and an ease of understanding that smooths your path to decision-maker buy-in.

On-demand bonus services

Anti-ransomware, Data Loss Prevention, Managed Detection and Response and Vulnerability Management services are included as standard to elevate your cybersecurity maturity and zero out all threats, fast.

Living library of information assets

An extensive library of personalised and regularly updated governance-based documents is provided to keep every stakeholder informed.

Ready for a new approach to cyber?

We understand the challenge you face – simply put, a lack of funding to resolve a never-ending stream of cyber events and alerts and keep you safe. Limited resources mean you’re unable to investigate and truly eliminate the risks to your business. Naturally, this uncertainty leaves you feeling vulnerable to the one successful attack buried within the stream that could come at any time. Sadly, while cyber insurance policies offer a level of support, the majority only cover post-breach clean-up rather than reacting and helping you in real-time. The damage is already done.

We think there’s a better way. Instead of charging flat fees that you pay whether you are attacked or not, our Cyber Zero offering is set up so that you only pay for investigation and resolution of the prioritised attacks that are important to you.

Imagine, no more unresolved cyber risks, vulnerabilities or successful attacks – just complete and prioritised resolution of all incidents. Best of all, we zero out all incidents every month to deliver the ultimate in cyber assurance.

The Cyber Zero model

Cyber Zero is primed to help you avoid failure, overcome challenges and achieve your cyber assurance goals. Built atop an innovative Pay As You Are Attacked (PAYAA) model that includes all relevant cyber investigation prevention and resolution technologies and bullet-proof services we zero out every threat.

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Stop every threat

It only takes one attack to bring your business down and ensuring you zero out threats of every shape and size is the only way to guarantee true cyber assurance. Cyber Zero’s innovative PAYAA model ensures prioritised resolution of attacks every month. This mitigates every threat to your organisation and turns the anxiety of ‘what if?’ into the reassurance of ‘we’re covered’. Everything from high-volume low priority events that might escalate and become more impactful if left unattended, to the most significant incidents that are ready to stop your business in its tracks.

How will this work for you?

We work with businesses of all sizes across an array of industries – each with their individual cybersecurity needs. Get in touch with our experts today for a tailored and true-to-life introduction to Cyber Zero, including an overview of the actions we’ll take, and what we’ll ask of you.

Discover our process

Flexible cover that caters to
all budgets and businesses

Option 1

Done For You

Our ultimate level of cover – we do it all. Comprehensive support against stopping everything from the most significant and impactful attacks to high-volume, low-impact incidents.

Option 2

Done With You

Our collaborative offering, whereby you retain responsibility for managing more significant incidents, while still benefiting from the full Cyber Zero technology and process stack.

Option 3

You Do It

Guided access using the full Cyber Zero technology and process stack, while retaining responsibility for addressing the various threats that come your way.

You can seamlessly move between options as your needs change and evolve.

Protect your IT estate the smart way

Don’t let the cost of cybersecurity become an obstacle. Get in touch with the Zepko team today and see how you can be the cyber hero your business needs with our unmatched Cyber Zero approach.