Making relevant managed security services affordable to the mid-market.

We continuously innovate to improve our client’s security maturity.

Managed Security Services Provider Delivering integrated and affordable solutions to the mid-market and beyond

Zepko is an international managed security services provider, uniquely powered by their own products and technology stack delivering compliance and cyber protection to the mid-market.

We provide a comprehensive and cost-effective SOC-driven suite of services ranging from pure technology to protective monitoring and incident response and remediation.



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Short History


Over 15 years of working with the world’s best security log management vendors delivering 100+ SIEM projects globally.

Directly delivered for over 7 major SIEM vendors across 4 continents as their go-to partner. 

We make the right decisions first time with the human touch – skilled intelligence incident response that eliminate technology misfires.

Customer Satisfaction

We have the ability and agility to understand the mid-market at a local level while thinking and acting globally where needed.

The attention to detail we bring to customers and their appreciation of how important the little things are – thereby making the solution stronger than the sum of its parts.  

Over time, this approach has proven to significantly reduce man-effort for the client while increasing both the “view on value” and ROI.

We are proud to have achieved a 94% customer retention rate with our client base spanning all common verticals.

Why buy a service when you can buy a result?

We have developed the Security Operations Centre (SOC) facility built from the ground up to specifically meet the needs of the cyber challenges of the mid-market.

Our opex and outcome-based services are designed to deliver the results you need - peace of mind from industry experts.

We can process specific customer enhancement requests at speed – the benefit of owning our own technology stack means we do not have to rely on 3rd parties to change.

Because of the  quality of service coupled with our ability to innovate and grow with you – we hold a 94% customer retention rate



We produce highly cost-effective service packaging – a true SOC-in-a-Box that scales to your requirements.  

By only collecting what is necessary to achieve a high signal to noise ratio of security log data you enjoy both lower service deployment costs while saving on the time to ‘go-live’ and the overall cost of storage.

We’re able to deliver enterprise-level technology and the team at a fraction of the normal cost.


 "If you stand still you’ll get run over" - as the world changes we ensure we constantly evolve to bring the most relevant, timely and valuable services to our customers.

The line is blurry between home and work. we protect you wherever you are and whichever device you’re on 24x7x365.

We guarantee a potent blend of man and machine to maintain the security and fidelity of what’s important to you

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