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Security Assessments

How it works

Let us help you find out where you are in terms of security maturity so you can make an informed decision to where you want to be, within what budget and in what timeframe

A Suite of Security Assessments

A suite of security assessments” to “We provide a variety of practical and actionable assessment services that help you to understand your baseline position in order to help you drive transformation, compliance and security into and across your lines of business

Assessment overviews

Penetration Testing

  • Best practice security guidance for IT projects
  • Targeted testing – internal and external options
  • Application and network level testing
  • Phishing campaigns for user education

Passive Analysis

  • Reveals exposed systems and users using information sourced from within the public domain and dark web
  • A typical reconnaissance activity undertaken by hackers ahead of an attack
  • Find out what the hackers already know about you that you may not 

Breach and Incident Assessment

  • On-call breach crisis management team
  • Digital forensics investigation and recovery
  • Malware analysis, quarantine and removal

SecureStart – Security Health Check

  • Security maturity gap analysis
  • Assessment of skills, technologies, operating models, costs, products and resource requirements against target state
  • Outcomes agreed to include internal audit points plus external regulatory requirements and internal risk appetite

Virtual team

Meet your virtual team comprising of:

Penetration Tester

Our penetration testers creates scripts and uses knowledge, commercial products and a wealth of experience to find vulnerabilities in corporate networks, applications and internal systems. The goal is to automate the hacking process, but testers can also manually make attempts to breach security controls

Security Assurance Consultant

Provides the best practice security guidance for IT projects as a part of your evolutionary journey  right advice at the right time that incorporates quarterly cyber-security briefings and maturity reviews.

Hold overall responsibility for security policy and process creation and maintenance

Security Analyst

Real-time incident management – collection, correlation, triage, investigation, remediation and reporting, delivered by our trained, accredited (ISO27001) and vetted (NPPV3 and SC cleared) staff

Security Delivery Manager

Leads both technical and operational co-ordination and launch of breach and crisis management resources collaboratively leading up-to 15+ client-side teams as a virtual resolver group


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