Many organisations simply fail to implement adequate cyber security controls or skilled security staff to help prevent the occurrence of a cyber attack.

Companies often find the time this hits home the most is when they’ve just suffered a data breach or are in the midst of an ongoing persistent attack. 

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Attacks and the subsequent collateral damage can vary widely from a single infected laptop to complete IT system paralysis. 

Using a dedicated team of security experts we can help you to identify the sources of the attack, understand the nature of the actual compromise so that we can work with you to remediate the situation and have you back up and running as soon as possible, thereby minimising the downtime of your operation. 

Often referred to as a “blue-light” service our team will provide assistance to support the containment, eradication and recovery from these incidents. 

Having expert assistance on-call is key, when an outbreak occurs.

This is usually when the event itself dictates time is of the essence and finding answers to the following questions quickly is crucial in being able to restore the systems to normalcy - “What type of attack is this?”, “Where did it come from?”, “How did it get in?”, “Has it infected our backup systems and supply chain?”

Breach and Incident Assessment report

Alongside the practical activities the Breach Assessment report will provide you with a root-cause analysis that:

  • Confirms the impact and nature of breach
  • Reviews client’s initial incident containment actions were performed correctly
  • Analyses Indicators of Compromise (IoC) and assess against Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • Highlights tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) and threat actor/campaign
  • Identifies patient zero
  • Identifies extent of breach, lateral pivot, leaked data
  • Provides continued recovery/response steps to be undertaken 

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