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Typical reconnaissance activity by hackers ahead of an attack

Passive Analysis delivers a bespoke report that discovers and distils the available information regarding your organisation sourced from within the public domain and dark web.

This is akin to a typical activity conducted by the hacking community as a reconnaissance exercise to find any exposed or soft targets that can be easily attacked.

An often illuminating report that shows where your organisation may have been exposed to and an unknown victim of a series of historical data breaches.

The report offers practical advices on the steps to take to eradicate these threats being used against you at any point in the future. We will highlight which users are compromised, their passwords and credentials and whether these accounts are still active and may be used on any of your openly accessible portals.

Beyond the user community the report also assesses the strength of your domains, web services and any third-party accounts you may use.

How attackers may historical breach data against you

Accessing both recent and historical breach data on the dark web and using your domain name as a key, they harvest all user account information for your company.

Then using LinkedIn as a cross-check to see which employees are still actively employed they remove the residual harvested data and focus on reverse-engineering passwords of the current users until they find “Betty” who works in Accounts Payable.

Now they have an active user with privileges and a decrypted password. A cursory investigation of the company’s network perimeter reveals an open portal that the recently gathered credential can now be used for nefarious ends.

Passive Analysis Report

While no two Passive Analysis reports are alike, typically the table of contents would include

    • Executive summary
    • Risk scenarios
    • Identified and exposed systems, staff and employees
    • Online presence, technologies and front-end systems analysis
    • Potential cost of breach
    • Historical attacks on your company 

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