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SecureStart is a concise, consultancy package which offers pragmatic recommendations by understanding an organisation’s security posture, where it needs to get to, where its real starting point is and providing a phased plan to get there safely, on-time and within budget.

This is achieved by using a risk-based approach to effectively address relevant gaps.

Dependent upon your maturity, goals and drivers, we can focus in on a particular area of focus.

Many organisations today are in a state of the unknown where it comes to understanding their own state of cyber maturity.

The 6-step SecureStart engagement is designed to cut through and simplify the often difficult task of assembling the relevant stakeholders and coming to a joint conclusion around what the company’s objectives are around cyber protection.

We help you to crystallise and clarify what “good” looks like to you so that we can tailor the resulting recommendations accordingly and in an easy-to-execute prioritised order.

While many of these findings can be completed by internal IT teams we are always on hand where needed to provide further expert assistance.

Central to the SecureStart engagement and based on the information gathered, is the contextual-analysis of each report finding so that they can be made relevant and appropriate to you.

This is achieved from a gap analysis and assessment of skills, operating models, costs, vendor selection, products plus resources required against the required state and target operating model.

The report delivers a phased plan to transition from the current to future operating model.

SecureStart reports

While no two SecureStart reports are the same, typically the table of contents would include

  • Drivers for security improvement 
  • Current security posture at a glance
  • Findings from security review
  • Incident escalation and management processes
  • Information security risk scoring 
  • Security enhancement roadmap

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