Your dedicated team

Humans are critical to interpreting and acting on technology’s advice, which is why they’re a huge part of what we do for you.
Your SOC team includes:

Security Engineer

Ensures your systems seamlessly integrate with ours so everything works as it should.

Security Analyst

Your eyes and ears. Monitors, analyses and investigates your IT estate 24×7.

Service Delivery Manager

Oversees every element of your service from internal response process to coordination of different teams.

Security Assurance Consultant

Answers the difficult questions and provides valuable guidance that supports your decisions.

Threat Intelligence Specialist

Looks beyond your perimeter to seek and stop cyber threats before they cause harm.

Protective services overview


On-site virtual scanner performs host discovery, vulnerability detection and compliance scanning to identify potential security risks. This includes Web Application Scanning, Real time Scanning Agents, PCI Compliance Scanning and live Threat Intelligence feed for newly disclosed vulnerabilities and emerging threats. Vulnerability insights are also used to inform tailored client reports.


A skilled security team supports every element of Vulnerability Management, providing regular vulnerability reports, configuring virtual scanner tools for ongoing optimised performance, with a Security Assurance Consultant on hand to ensure best practice is upheld. A dedicated Service Delivery Manager ensures all service expectations are met.


Once deployed, your virtual scanner is continually optimised to ensure best performance. Tailored, ad-hoc scans can also be actioned on request by a client, or on notification of a zero-day vulnerability.

Key benefits

Rapid remote deployment of monitoring and protection software through cloud management.

Protect key data, intellectual  property and client data from theft and accidental leakage.

Flexibility to evolve your service using our ‘Roll Out Roll In’ SOC protections.

Key Risk Indicator and security maturity improvements delivered within 2 weeks of protection deployment.

Harden networks and systems to common network intrusion attacks and malware.

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Telecoms company's network perimeter evades attacks

1 m

attacks against the Log4J vulnerability

72 hrs

customer patched and protected


data leakage or compromise

Following discovery of the Log4J vulnerability attackers attempt to discover vulnerabilities on perimeter facing systems with intention of installing Cobalt Strike to gain a foothold on these systems.

On identification of the Log4J vulnerability, the SOC initiated a critical threat advisory to the client and initiated perimeter and internal scans for this vulnerability.

The SOC team liaised with the client’s IT department and third parties to ensure that systems were appropriately patched in accordance with the vendor guidance for the software and systems operating on their networks.

Curated vulnerability management reporting means we can track and trace month on month security improvements to the estate and monitor for new and/or shadow IT emerging.

Patching and vulnerability management is basic security good practice and part of expected security due diligence.

1M+ attacks against the Log4J vulnerability

The average firm now devotes 21% of its IT budget to cyber security – a jump of 63%

Customer patched and protected in 72 hours

0 data leakage / compromise

Our customer pledge

We’re confident in the services we provide, and we want you to be too. That’s why we offer the following pledge to every business considering onboarding us as their managed security service provider:


1-month pilot
free of charge

Put us to the test and let us run your 24×7 Security Operation Centre for free for the first 1 months. You can benchmark our performance against 
pre-agreed success criteria – and if you’re not convinced after the pilot, it won’t cost you a penny.


Lowest price

Our mission is to make high-quality, tailored managed security services affordable to the mid-market – and we stand by our word. If you find another provider who can offer a like-for-like SOC service for a lower cost, we will refund the difference.


No half

When you take part in our pilot you can expect the full Zepko service, not a trimmed down version. We’ll run a full 24×7 SOC operation, providing access to our specialist SOC team, process models and procedures, at the same level as our existing customers.

Deploy this protection from £997 per month

The above cost has been calculated based on an organisation of 100 users. Larger organisation? As our services are scaled up, your individual protections become more cost effective per user. Speak to us for an accurate quote for your business.

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